DB Power and LPA announce strategic partnership to globally expand solutions for issuers of structured retail products

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Date of Change
Code Present Name Former Name
2019-10-29 01194 Bay Area Gold Group Ltd Munsun Capital Group Ltd
2019-10-24 08163 Merdeka Financial Group Ltd Merdeka Financial Services Group Ltd
2019-10-21 02225 Jinhai International Group Holdings Ltd Kakiko Group Ltd
2019-10-16 00475 Central Development Holdings Ltd Zhong Fa Zhan Holdings Ltd
2019-10-15 01259 Prosperous Future Holdings Ltd Future Development Holdings Ltd
2019-09-27 00789 Artini Holdings Ltd Primeview Holdings Ltd
2019-09-23 01683 Hope Life International Holdings Ltd Royal China International Holdings Ltd
2019-09-18 01741 Ri Ying Holdings Ltd Shing Chi Holdings Ltd
2019-09-16 08227 Xi'an Haitian Antenna Technologies Co Ltd Xi'an Haitiantian Holdings Co Ltd
2019-09-04 01327 Luxxu Group Ltd Time2U International Holding Ltd
2019-08-28 08028 Sun Entertainment Group Ltd Sage International Group Ltd
2019-08-27 02322 Hong Kong ChaoShang Group Ltd Noble Century Investment Holdings Ltd
2019-08-16 02006 Shanghai Jin Jiang Capital Co Ltd Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotels (Group) Co Ltd
2019-08-15 00687 Tysan Holdings Ltd Hong Kong International Construction Investment Management Group Co Ltd
2019-08-09 00090 Puxing Clean Energy Ltd Amber Energy Ltd
2019-08-08 06133 Vital Innovations Holdings Ltd Vital Mobile Holdings Ltd
2019-08-07 00526 China Automobile New Retail (Holdings) Ltd Lisi Group (Holdings) Ltd
2019-08-05 00994 CT Vision (International) Holdings Ltd Win Win Way Construction Holdings Ltd
2019-08-01 08056 Life Concepts Holdings Ltd Dining Concepts Holdings Ltd
2019-07-26 00613 Planetree International Development Ltd Yugang International Ltd
Last Update Time: 2019-10-29
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