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An Interview with Siju Daniel, Chief Commercial Officer of ATFX

2024-05-28 14:47:00

HONG KONG, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- With seasoned leaders joining the ranks, ATFX is set to navigate new horizons in the financial services realm. Today Siju Daniel, Chief Commercial Officer of ATFX, will share his vision for driving global business growth and enhancing ATFX's industry leadership.

Hi Siju, in your role as the Chief Commercial Officer, you're tasked with driving global revenue growth for ATFX. Could you tell us the reasons you joined ATFX, and elaborate on how you plan to align the company's commercial strategies with the diverse needs of different global markets?

Siju Daniel:

Having been in the industry for 20+ years, I was able to witness and work with many brokers along their journey to growth. In the case of ATFX, I've known Joe Li the founder for quite some time and was impressed with the growth and scale they've achieved over the last few years. Their ambitions to continue to tackle new heights, explore new markets and build a legacy coupled with a relentless drive made it very appealing to join and contribute in any way I can.

We are a global organization with deep local roots in every market we operate. We focus heavily on our local team for intelligence, ideas and direct feedback from our clients. Having localization and catering to these needs rather than having a one size fits all approach is our guiding principle in our commercial strategies.

Expanding into new geographical regions is a key aspect of your responsibilities. Could you discuss your approach to identifying emerging markets with growth potential? Additionally, how do you plan to tailor strategies for each market to ensure successful penetration and sustainable growth for ATFX?

Siju Daniel:

At a macro level we look at growing economies, increasing disposable income, high mobile adoption rates, and increasing capital market participation. After a deep dive on the market and a feasibility study, we identify top tier local talent to help us get started.

From there it goes back to our act global, think local mantra. We deploy global resources, but rely heavily on our local management team to help us chart our commercial strategies so that it is relevant for the market. This ensures that we provide our clients with what they need and showcase our localization efforts to demonstrate our long standing commitment to the market. This has allowed us to build sustainable and successful businesses in several markets around the globe.

The global business landscape is constantly evolving. How do you plan to adapt ATFX's commercial strategies to navigate changes in market conditions, regulatory environments, and consumer preferences?

Siju Daniel:

Staying abreast of these conditions is critical for our business. We have staff across several departments who are constantly monitoring for changes and we act pre-emptively so that our team and business is ready. Additionally, we pride ourselves on our client servicing and we have around the clock support delivered through a combination of our local offices and global support team. This means that we have thousands of client interactions, client feedback, as well as a multitude of face to face interactions which all gets collected, organized and turned into actionable business intelligence which then helps guide our strategy and decision making.

ATFX continues to delve into the minds of industry leaders and innovators. We are excited to announce a series of upcoming executive interviews that will provide valuable insights for our audience. Stay tuned for these captivating conversations that will shed light on the latest trends and developments in the industry.

About ATFX
ATFX is a leading global fintech broker with a local presence in 22 locations and licenses from regulatory authorities including the UK's FCA, Cypriot CySEC, UAE's SCA, Australian ASIC, and South African FSCA. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, innovative technology, and strict regulatory compliance, ATFX provides exceptional trading experiences to clients worldwide.

For further information on ATFX, please visit ATFX website


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