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AIRDROP2049, UXLINK's Ecological Program, Draws Over 1 Million Users from 190 Countries in the First Season

2024-05-24 22:00:00

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach Newswire - 24 May 2024 - AIRDROP2049 successfully concluded its maiden season on May 23rd after a five-week run, attracting over 1 million users from 190 countries and regions, alongside the participation of more than 50 partners. Notably, over 60% of users engaged in the activity through social invitations, underscoring the project's widespread appeal and virality.

AIRDROP2049, UXLINK's Ecological Program, Draws Over 1 Million Users from 190 Countries in the First Season

In light of this achievement, the project lead of AIRDROP2049 shared insights into the future trajectory of the platform, stating, "The conclusion of our first season represents just the beginning of our journey towards fostering deeper engagement with our user base. Going forward, we will be excited to announce our collaboration with Trusta Labs, a renowned entity in the realm of AI and on-chain analytics. Together, we aim to enhance our product offerings by integrating advanced on-chain interactions and user analytics, while also introducing innovative services such as the Pre-market trading market. This strategic partnership will enable us to build a comprehensive ecosystem that spans from airdrops to seamless transactions, revolutionizing the way project parties and users interact within the AIRDROP2049 platform. Furthermore,we plan to introduce AIRDROP2049's native token as a community incentive, further enhancing user participation and loyalty."

In parallel, representatives from UXLINK, a key player in the Web3 ecosystem, emphasized the strategic significance of AIRDROP2049 within their broader framework. The community manager of UXLINK stated, "AIRDROP2049 occupies a pivotal role within the UXLINK ecosystem, serving as a crucial entry point for mainstream users venturing into the Crypto space. High-quality airdrops not only serve as the initial touchpoint for users but also facilitate widespread adoption within the broader community. We believe that AIRDROP2049 will emerge as a cornerstone product for airdrop traffic and transactions, driving forward our collective mission of advancing accessibility and inclusivity within the Web3 landscape."

The AIRDROP2049 dapp will continue to be iterated and a second season of AIRDROP2049 is being planned.

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UXLINK is the largest web3 social platform and infrastructure for users and developers to discover, distribute, and trade crypto assets in unique socialized and group-based manners.


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