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VT Markets attends WIKIEXPO; Explores simplified trading through use of technology

2024-05-24 10:00:00

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach Newswire - 24 May 2024 - Global CFDs broker VT Markets participated as a key exhibitor in the WIKIEXPO fintech expo held in Hong Kong on 17 May. Organized by WikiGlobal, the event brought together 300 exhibitors and over 3,000 elite professionals from the global financial industry to explore the integration of finance and information technology.

Fintech remains highlight of the event

Today, technology is ubiquitous. It has extended to every field, including finance. The expo explored how the financial industry can effectively integrate information technology to break down information barriers and promote collaboration, from regulatory compliance to digital asset security, and innovative partnerships.

Coming from all corners of the fintech, the event was rife with fresh perspectives and innovative concepts. As a tech pioneer and innovative broker, VT Markets naturally played a significant role at the event. Believing that technology remains the main driving force for the financial industry, the broker took the opportunity to showcase its groundbreaking trading tech, product solutions, and personalised services at the expo.

Using technology to create an intuitive and user-friendly platform

To further achieve its ideal of simple trading, VT Markets leverages top-notch technology to continually upgrade its platform, enabling account opening in three minutes, instant deposits, same-day withdrawal, and order execution times of less than 5 milliseconds. Insofar as the event was concerned, these features were a showstopper, earning high praise from traders for their superior efficiency.

Featured also was the platform's proprietary mobile trading app that integrating smart trading, chart analysis, information access, and trading signals. The app features an intuitive user interface and user-friendly interaction functions, making it easy for even beginners to use.

The VT Markets app, perhaps a best-in-class representative of technological innovation, attracted many visitors at the expo, receiving nothing short of rave reviews for its powerful core features and excellent user experience.

Experience VT Markets APP
Experience VT Markets APP

User-oriented service optimisation

Service-wise, VT Markets strictly adheres to a customer-centric principle, ensuring that every change and innovation is aimed at providing the best experience for clients. The VT Markets adopts an proactive approach by offering in-depth market analyses and sophisticated trading tools; enabling quick participation in market events, instant reward credits, fund movement inquiries, and management.

VT Markets also values personalised client requirements, offering 24/7 services and dedicated account managers providing one-on-one professional support.

Adding value through innovation

To maintain its leading position in the industry, tech support and continuous innovation are key factors for VT Markets. Not only reflected in its hardware but also in new concept product solutions and reward programs aimed at adding value to each transaction. For example, the Clubbleu membership program allows clients to accumulate points through trading, redeemable for vouchers and other rewards. The active trader program offers substantial interest returns to clients who trade continuously.

One topic of interest was VT Markets optimisation of the Hang Seng Index's product structure, a favored product among Hong Kong traders. This provided them with a competitive cost advantage. Acknowledging its scope, VT Markets has also opened an exclusive deposit channel for Hong Kong users, allowing them to invest directly using HKD without being affected by currency exchange.

Empowering the financial industry through technology

VT Markets continues to excel as an innovative technology-driven broker, providing users with exceptional trading experiences while driving industry innovation and development.
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