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About Us was founded in January 2000 to serve the investing public in the new economy. With our comprehensive and continuously growing data base, we aim to provide our readers with resourceful information in readable form, and value-added content in easy to understand way of presentation.

In view of growing importance of applications of interactive communications, we also aim to provide a convenient communication channel for listed and unlisted corporations to communicate with their shareholders, investors and potential business partners.

Financial market is full of jargon, while in Hong Kong the problem is complicated by the dual language communication system of Chinese and English. Here at we would like to present our information in plain language with full reference, plus relevant analysis, comment and analytical tools wherever possible.

Our workforce is consisted of an elite group of veteran newspaper and agency journalists, as well as a team of Information Technology experts providing powerful and innovative technical supports. We combined the best of both experiences: speed of an agency and literal delicacy of a newspaper, together with efficient and innovative computing programming.

We commit to give our best to the investing public and we aim to be the best of the very best in the new economy. Obtaining your satisfaction and fulfilling your need are our primary focuses.

Currently our service is available under We welcome suggestion, comparison and competition.

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